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GMO Policy

In cooperation with food suppliers, Martin & Servera will ensure that accurate information is communicated concerning products falling under the EU and Swedish legislations regarding GMOs.

In cases where there are GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in products, these shall be labeled according to current EU and Swedish legislation respectively.

In addition, we will work to ensure that alternatives where the ingredients are free from genetic modification can be offered to customers.

Rules and regulations

European Union rules say that all products containing GMOs must have information on the labels that the foods consist of, contain, or are produced from GMOs. This also applies to products produced from GMOs, but where no GMOs remain in the product.

Regulatory authorities also require that anyone selling a product containing GMOs is obliged to inform the next stage in the trading chain that the product contains GMOs. Declaring it on the label is not enough. If a supplier sells a product containing GMOs to Martin & Servera they must actively inform us about it, and the same rule applies if we were to sell a product containing GMOs to a customer.

Marking standards

Martin & Servera currently has no products that intentionally contain GMOs, and we therefore have an obligation to actively inform customers before such a product could be delivered.

There is also a rule regarding accidental contamination of GMOs in a conventional product. This means that a product “accidentally contaminated” with GMOs, where the amount of GMOs within the product is below 0.9%, need not be marked.

NFA monitors GMOs in food at regular intervals. We also conduct our own random checks on products imported directly by us.

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