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How to register a new article

Martin & Servera only accepts complete article data certificates.

As of January 1st, 2018, Martin & Servera will charge suppliers for submitting incorrect, or incomplete, mandatory data in the article data certificates (VCD).

VCDs should always be submitted to Martin & Servera when the Product Manager in charge has approved the registry of a new article.

Post registry, all changes made to an article, for example weight or number of units per package, are changes that require a new, updated VCD. Please note that it is mandatory to inform the Product Manager about the article changes prior submitting a new VCD. Furthermore, it is important to describe the changes made to the article in the section: Other information.

VCDs through Dabas

If your company is connected to Dabas, it is possible to generate the VCD and send it directly to Martin & Servera through the Dabas website: www.dabas.com.

VCDs if the company is not connected to Dabas

If your company is not connected to Dabas, the VCD must be filled in manually and sent as an attachment in an e-mail to: varucertifikat@martinservera.se. Choose the correct type of item (Food, Non-Food, Restaurant equipment) to see which fields are relevant to your product and thus, mandatory to fill in. Please note that all relevant fields must be filled in or the VCD will be deemed as incomplete.

VCD latest update 2020-02-26

VCD wine, spirits and beer latest update 2020-10-30

Changes to the VCD form

Our VCD form is regularly updated. On this page you will always be able find and download the latest version. It is important that you ensure you are using the latest version of the form. Old forms cannot be managed by Martin & Servera and will therefore be deemed as incorrect.

MSC or ASC certification

If your article is certified by MSC or ASC, the document/form must be sent as an attachment to both Robert.Cedergren@martinservera.se and anna.brostrom@martinservera.se for approval before a new article can be created.

Form for new MSC or ASC product latest update 2018-10-02

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