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Information about price changes

Only properly completed price change applications will be accepted by Martin & Servera.

The changes that you wish to make must be justified by official graphs, such as Mintec. As of January 1st, 2018, suppliers will be charge for submitting incorrect or incomplete applications. The incomplete or incorrect applications will be returned to the supplier for revision. Only fully completed applications can be managed by Martin & Servera.

Please note that submitted applications does not automatically translate into price changes. The Product Manager in charge will let you know if the request will lead to negotiations.

Download the price change application updated 20160209

How to fill out the application

Incorrect or incomplete price change applications will not be evaluated by Martin & Servera, nor will they lead to any requested price changes. The price change application must be accurately and correctly answered.

Example of a correctly filled in price change application.

Cover letter and price list

A cover letter and price list must always be submitted with your price change application.

12 weeks in advance

Your price change application must be sent to Martin & Servera 12 weeks prior the time of the price change. Send your requested changes to: prisandring@martinservera.se.

Current price change times

Food, nonfood and restaurant equipment

Last day for notification

The first Non-Holiday Monday in November 2020 


The first Non-Holiday Monday in February 2021


The first Non-Holiday Monday in May 2021   


The first Non-Holiday Monday in September 2021 


The first Non-Holiday Monday in November 2021 


Beverages containing more than 3.5% of alcohol

Last day for notification

The first Non-Holiday in March 2021


The first Non-Holiday in September 2021


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