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Continuous environmental efforts

Martin & Servera's ongoing environmental work is aimed at reducing the environmental impact that may result from our operations.

The most important environmental issues are transportation, energy, waste, and the sale of environmentally certified goods. Martin & Servera's environmentally friendly and climate smart warehouses in Halmstad and Umeå play very important roles in this work.

Environmental Certification

As early as 1999, Servera was certified under the international environmental standard, ISO 14001, and in 2011 Martin Olsson also became certified. The new company, Martin & Servera, formally took over Servera's environmental certification upon merging in 2012.

Martin & Servera's suppliers

The environmental requirements on all activities are high, just as they are for Martin & Servera's suppliers and their products. We require of our suppliers that they account for planned measures to reduce negative impact on the environment. Furthermore, we conduct regular follow-ups where the effects of planned measures are to be reported.

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