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Courses, trainings and restaurant services

Martin & Servera offers a large range of services, courses and trainings. We want to help our customers develop and improve.


Training for the restaurant industry

GastroMerit is Martin & Servera's educational operation and offers courses and training in cooking, leadership, finance, service and beverages. Course leaders are handpicked for their knowledge and their ability to inspire and teach. Besides many different one and two day courses, GastroMerit offers longer courses as well; the chef and sommelier training programs. Training and courses are investments in both the company and the staff. Having a competent and well trained staff improves our customers' competitive position, increases their profitability, and creates a good corporate culture.

MOR Online

Calculations and analysis

MOR Online is a web application for inventory, costing and analysis. A tool that gives our customers the right information support. MOR Online includes over 30,000 products, recipes and dishes. Customers can easily see, for example, which products they have purchased earlier, which are lactose-free, which are local or which are campaign priced. The program helps with everything from inventory to the costing and pricing of dishes. MOR Online helps customers increase profitability and frees up time for other things.

Premium Portal

Special offers

Premiumportalen is a subscription service filled with offers for reducing operating costs. Via Premiumportalen, our customers receive offers on services that restaurateurs need, for example; credit card processing, insurance, music contracts, electricity contracts and waste management.

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